History of us

Rome they say was not built in a day and unsurprisingly, this is the same in our case.  With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we have unarguably at Sky Jewelry set the maximum standard when it comes to the sales of luxurious jewelry. Like every success story with its own build up, we started with baby steps till we grew to the giant strides we currently tread. Though we started the business of selling gold in Doha, Qatar, the name Sky Jewelry has now become a household name in India and even in the Middle East.

Associated with our name is the number one goal we aim to serve “Offering our clients premium Jewellery” and over years, we have stayed true to the cause. After having taken years to carve this niche, our reward lies in the fact that people have come to trust and rely on our brand to always come through for their luxurious jewelry needs and truthfully, we couldn’t have achieved this aim without our dedication, commitment, impeccable customer service and offering the most quality products anyone can find out there. These qualities without sounding overtly pompous have led us to opening stores after stores to continue to pursue our goals and satisfy our increasing customer base.

Though we do have several stores in various places in the Middle East like Oman, Qatar and the UAE, the brain of Sky Jewelry sits comfortably in the city of gold itself, Dubai and for every of the giant strides we make towards you, we deliver not only impeccable services but we also keep our promises of delivering premium unadulterated jewelry that is certain to reveal your inner beauty and give your body an awesome do over…

Ages have passed, to be precise, thirty-nine unbelievable and fantastic years of serving you your jewelry needs. Now we not only serve people in our immediate range, we create jewelries of all kinds and we deliver our services all over the world to every race imaginable. Each time our jewelry is worn, we feel the happiness that radiates from our client’s confidence and we continue to make them happy by making up to date designs.

With our commitment so deep and thanks to our awesome customer base, we keep moving to heights even we never imagined which has made Sky Jewelry the number one tested and trusted brand when it comes to jewelry making and every kind of jewelry needs you may have.