Message from Director

Dear Customer,

Sky Jewellery takes immense pride in its diamond legacy as our lineage germinates from being part of one of the leading Jewellery Company in the Middle East with our head office in Dubai. Our ultimate aim at Sky Jewellery is to deliver superior quality and unrivaled creativity. Our unflagging effort to remain true to and build on these values is a powerful driving force behind Sky Jewellery.

As a company, we enthusiastically adhere to Best Practice Principles and accept our Corporate Social Responsibility to create profits while not doing harm to the environment or to the workforce. We also, however, adopt a more proactive a comprehensive commitment to our workforce, our local communities and our country.

As we continue to identify new challenges, maintain our long-term focus on innovation and dedicate ourselves to significant societal contributions, I attribute our resounding success to the commitment of the entire team that is Sky Jewellery Team.

We work to improve the quality of life of our workforce, communities and customers with quality products for all our customers. It is your continued patronage and enthusiasm that is primarily responsible for making Sky Jewellery a world-class jewellery brand and driving us to deliver excellence on every level.

Happy Shopping!

Yours Sincerely,

Akash Jacob John

Sky Group Director