Shipping & Returns

After buying your jewelry online, the next phase is the shipping of your new accessory. At, we provide free shipping facility for each and every order within the UAE and even more importantly, your delivery is fully insured. Once the product is packed, we ship and deliver it with the help of the courier service for free.

We do practice what we preach hence we request all customers to inspect their package(s)thoroughly just in case there is or there are any damages before they sign for the product. All packages of jewelry from will reach your doorstep in a durable condition and properly packed in a temper-proof packing.  The item will be delivered in a special box with all the required certificates.

What is only required of the member is the address and other necessary details in instances where they aren’t the ones collecting the shipment. While placing the order, we would require that the buyer state the full name of the recipient as it is contained in their approved photo IDand will be required to show any of these as identity proofs at the point of collection.

  • Emirates ID
  • Labor Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

After the recipient’s ID is confirmed, the courier will note the details of the recipient’s identity proof.During this process, we enjoin our customers to cooperate with the agent by providing with original copies of identity proof. In instances where delivery is to be taken on another person’s behalf, their details would also be required and in cases where the order has been processed, the receiver’s details cannot be changed.

Where the order has been created, the member may change shipping address only before the order is actually shipped.  If the member would want to change shipping address, they should log in into their respective account and click on “change shipping address” button, which is next to shipping address and then change the address.  Such icon will be active till order status is changed to “shipped”.  Once this is done, the link that states “change shipping address” will get inactive hence occasioning the inability to change again. In places where the free shipping service do not apply, customers bear the shipping other local charges. 

It is expected that any person who receives our product would do a check before accepting its delivery. And on occasions where the recipient is unavailable during the time of delivery, courier Service Company will try to deliver the product for a maximum of 3 times. Where they are still not reachable, the product would be returned to our company. To re-ship the product and the cost associated during the times of non-delivery would be borne by the customer.

Cancellation Policy

We also have a cancellation policy which entails that in the instances of any discrepancy Sky Jewelry can cancel any of the orders.  A few reasons for cancellation from our end usually include limitation of the product in the inventory, error in pricing, error in product information, etc.  We also retain the right to check out for extra information for the purpose of accepting orders in a few cases. In putting our customer’s interest first, we make it a point of duty to notify you in cases where your order is cancelled partially or completely or if in case any extra data is required for the purpose of accepting your order.

You may also do the cancellation of your order where you wish to; this however has to be done before the shipping is undertaken to the destination.  Once the request of cancellation is received by us, we make sure to refund the amount to your bank account with the help of a suitable mode of payment within 10 working days. 

In any case that an amount is deducted from your account and the transaction fails, we will make sure to credit (refund) the entire amount to your bank account in due time.